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Pure Bliss Cinema

One of our clients, Capture 9, wanted to separate his wedding videography and photography from his other work. Together we created Pure Bliss Cinema

The project required a new logo design and branding, business cards, and a new template integrated into his existing web application and database. His Focus 44 website features industry trailers, a searchable portfolio, full content control and more.

Tech Summary:
Logos, Typography, Fonts, Graphics, Colors, etc…
Business Identity

The client wanted Pure Bliss to compliment Capture 9. Since he is appealing to the brides and wedding planners of the world, he asked for elegant, and timeless.

Our Approach

We chose to keep the colors the same as Capture 9. We used a couple of different script fonts for the logo to create the stylish look. His site and marketing material are accented with both his images and ours.

Web Design

Due to family and work circumstances, the client has not yet put their site to use.

In the interest of displaying our work here, we used the site in our development environment and entered generic information.

The screen shots DO NOT show Capture 9 content, but do show content added through the admin section of the site just as the client will.

Tech Summary:
Asp.Net 3.5, C#, AJAX, JavaScript, Flex/Flash, etc…
App. Development

This site uses the Capture 9 application to edit page content. We created a new template and integrated it into the existing application.

Application Features

  • AJAX Slide Players
  • Flash Portfolio Slider
  • Custom Video Player
  • Flash Photo Viewer
  • Dynamic FAQ Page
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Multiple Templates
  • Project Search
  • And More…
Tech Summary:
Database Integration

The Pure Bliss site uses the extensive and flexible MS SQL database for the Capture 9 web application.

Database Features

  • Client Projects
  • Videos & Photos
  • Project Details
  • Industries
  • Industry Information
  • Dynamic FAQ
  • And More…
Tech Summary:
4/4 Color, Full Bleed, Silk Finish, Rounded Corners, etc…
Print Solutions

Armed with a new logo, and branding style we set out to create a wedding-specific business identity.

We wanted to create a business card to serve two purposes: a calling card, and an advertising tool.

Design Features

  • Custom Graphics
  • Multi-Purpose Design
  • Royal Silk Finish
  • Rounded Corners