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Luke Neve, realtor®

Luke Neve has some experience running and marketing a small business…

That is why, when he received his Real Estate license, he called Focus 44. He knew that to stand above the competition he needed a good web presence and a solid business identity.

After performing a little market research and competitor evaluation, we designed Luke his logo, his website, and his custom business cards. His is still a young business and is on the move. There will be many future updates for Luke and his portfolio.

Tech Summary:
Logos, Typography, Fonts, Graphics, Colors, etc…
Business Identity

Luke Neve wants to approach real estate from a new angle by better utilizing the internet and other media marketing to sell homes.

Our Approach

We wanted to use shapes and colors common to current real estate trends, while at the same time updating the style and graphics to reflect modern design.

Tech Summary:
[VS] [C#] [H] [C]
Web Design

This is a static site and remains in its earliest stages. There is much to do.

In an effort to get his company off the ground, Luke launched this site knowing it would not be completed for some time.

Planned Features

  • MLS Property Search
  • Listing Notification
  • Financial Calculators
  • Tools & Resources
  • CRM Integration
  • And More…
Tech Summary:
4/4 Color, Full Bleed, Royal Glossy, UV Coating (Front)
Print Solutions

Armed with a new logo, color scheme, and branding style we set out to create the first printed piece of Luke's business identity.

We wanted to create a business card to serve two purposes: a calling card, and an advertising tool.

Design Features

  • Custom Graphics
  • Multi-Purpose Design
  • Glossy Stock
  • UV Coating (Front)
Tech Summary:
Studio Shots…
Photo Services

Luke also asked us to shoot some casual promotional shots to include on his website and in his marketing materials.

For our efforts, we received the greatest compliment a portrait photographer can receive:

"Wow! I don't even hate them!"

Tech Summary:
Windows ASP.Net 3.5, MVC, MS SQL, POP3 & Webmail, etc…
Hosting Solutions

Luke's site and email is hosted on the Focus 44 server.