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Enhanced Landscaping

Enhanced Landscaping has had a static website up for several years. When they came to Focus 44, they were looking to add some functionality and content while updating the layout and design…

This project required us to re-write their PHP site in ASP.Net. We updated their design, widened the page, and built in a content management application and database.

Most of the work centered around the pages detailing their services. We added Flash photo viewers, content management, and a 'Questions?' section allowing them to display employee credentials and contact information on each service page.

Web Design

Enhanced Landscaping provided the logo and color scheme. They were happy with their brand but wanted an updated look and some content control.

Changes We Made

  • Re-Wrote Site in .Net
  • New Fonts/Graphics
  • Widened the Pages
  • Added Photo Viewers
  • Content Management
  • And More…
Tech Summary:
ASP.Net 3.5, C#, MS SQL, Flash, etc…
Application Dev.

The client wanted control of the images, the page content, and the employee contact information and credentials that are displayed on their service pages.

Due to a tight budget they asked us to skip designing the management screens to keep costs down. It is most functional, but probably the ugliest admin section we have ever made!

Tech Summary:
ASP.Net 3.5, C#, MS SQL, Flash, etc…
Database Integration

We created a MS SQL database to store the photo information, page content, and employee credentials and contact information for each service page.