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Alltimate Restoration

Alltimate Restoration bought a generic web template and custom business application from another web solutions firm…

The site design was never really finished. It lacked the final details, including their logo.

When Alltimate wanted to clean up the template, change some content, and add a few features the firm told them they didn't have time to do the work.

That is when Allitmate Restoration hired Focus 44. We re-designed the template, changed the content, and added a service photo manager.

Web Design

The design template had quite a few issues both graphically and functionally.

Changes We Made

  • JS Menu to CSS
  • Fixed Home Flash
  • Added Services Flash
  • Fixed Main Logo
  • Added Site Padding
  • Wood Floor Hovers
  • Added/Edited Services
  • And More…
Tech Summary:
ASP.Net 2, C#, MS SQL, AJAX, etc…
Application Dev.

Alltimate Restoration wanted to add project photos in a flash player to their service pages. They needed to be able to upload, edit, and remove the photos for each service at any time.

To preserve their existing application we created the photo manager from scratch. We did link their new photo manager in their existing admin section of the site.

Tech Summary:
Windows ASP.Net 2.0, MS SQL, etc…
Database Integration

We created a MS SQL database to store the service photo information, including the Service category, photo url, caption, and the display order for each image.

The photo manager in the admin section allows Alltimate to drag-and-drop the images to adjust the order. The order is updated in the database asynchronously.